In chapter 10 of his classic book, The Normal Christian Life, Watchman Nee tells the story of a mechanic and his wife, whom he led to receive the Lord Jesus, during an extended retreat in the hills. “They were born again, and a new light and joy came into their lives, for theirs was a real conversion,” recalls Nee. As the weather turned colder, Nee concluded his retreat and returned to Shanghai. The man who had been saved was in the habit of drinking wine with his meals during the cold winter months, and he would often do so in excess. And so it happened, as winter began to settle in, the wine was brought to the table again, and that day, his custom to give thanks to God for the food was met with speechlessness. He was bewildered as to why he could not pray, and he and his wife searched the Scriptures in vain to ascertain whether God’s word would shed any light on the matter. As new believers, they did not know the Bible very well, and they would have no opportunity to consult with Watchman Nee for a few months. They decided that they would drink their wine for now, but would refer the matter to Nee the next time they saw him. Yet, remarkably no prayer could flow out of the man’s mouth until his wife took away the wine. Eventually, it came to pass that the man met up with Watchman Nee and told his whole story; he said, “Resident Boss would not let me have that drink!” (The term “Resident Boss” is the best English translation of the Chinese phrase used by this man to describe his experience.)

Christians often will fall into the trap of living according to the principle of good versus evil, or right versus wrong. They may even ask themselves, “What would Jesus do, if He were in this or that situation?” This consideration, however, implies that Jesus is not here. But, in fact, Jesus is here; He lives right inside of us believers, and He has set up His throne in our hearts. He is the “Resident Boss.” I may consider that the thing I am about to do is right and not wrong. I may consider that the thing I am about to do is good and not evil. I may consider that the thing I am about to do is reasonable and not unreasonable. But have I checked with the Resident Boss? He’s a real living Person, and He has feelings and desires, and He wants to be expressed through me. One word from Him can change everything! If He says “No,” it doesn’t matter how right or good or reasonable it is.