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When I moved to Austin to begin graduate school at UT, I was given a cubicle in the midst of 12-15 others. Every Friday my officemates would invite me to join them for “Happy Hour” at some of the bars and clubs downtown. Although I desired to spend time with my new colleagues and befriend them, because Christ livedI am a Christian in me I had no peace to go to the places to which they invited me. So, every Friday for the first several weeks I made various excuses—not feeling well this week, made other plans next week, too much studying to take care of the following week, etc. Eventually, I made known to them that I was a Christian and that I did not feel comfortable to visit the bars and clubs, and amazingly, those few words—“I belong to Jesus”—changed everything: they stopped inviting me to the bars! I did, however, socialize with them in other ways and under more comfortable circumstances. And, do you know what happened? A number of my colleagues came to me privately over the years to inquire about my faith in Christ and to seek advice and help. They knew that I was a person they could confide in and trust, and they knew that I was a person who genuinely cared about them. How much pain and awkward situations we would be saved from if only we who are Christians would “unfurl our flag” from the very beginning of our interactions with people!