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I was recently flying on Southwest Airlines, and the caption of an article on the front cover of their “Spirit” magazine (April 2012) caught my attention—“The Art and Science of Play.” According to the article entitled “It’s Called Play,” science has proven that not only children but also adults need play. As part of play, laughing causes the release of endorphin chemicals in our brains that make us feel good. In addition, stress hormones are suppressed by laughing, and, moreover, the immune system is strengthened. Other benefits of certain kinds of play include an improvement in blood flow and, thus, cardiovascular health, improvement in balance and reaction time, gaining fresh insights in our work, building teamwork skills, increasing hand-eye coordination, and reducing the likelihood of depression, just to name a few. Apparently, a little play can change a person’s whole outlook on life!

This article reminded me of a verse in the Old Testament book of Malachi (4:2)— “But unto you who fear My name will the Sun of righteousness arise with heMalachi 4:2aling in His wings, and you will go forth and leap about like well-fed calves.” Having grown up on a cattle farm, I am very familiar with the playful leaping of well-fed calves. But the leaping, well-fed calves in Malachi 4:2 refer to all who fear the Lord’s name, and the Sun (not Son) of righteousness refers to Christ. Unto those who fear the Lord’s name, Christ will shine as the Sun of righteousness for dispelling of darkness and for growth in the divine life, and Christ will heal of all unrighteousness. Now this is the real reason for us to jump and shout!